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All prices are per person per month.

Extra Large Quad Room: $1299 + $100 utilities = $1399 per person per month

Extra Large Quad Studio: $1399 + $100 utilities = $1499 per person per month

Large Triple Room: $1399 + $100 utilities = $1499 per person per month

Extra Large Triple Room: $1499 + $100 utilities = $1599 per person per month
Double Room: $1799 + $100 utilities = $1899 per person per month
Single Room: $2299 + $100 utilities = $2399 per month

Utilities: The flat rate of $100 per person per month covers everything: Ultra fast 10-gig fiber Internet, water, gas, garbage, electricity, Netflix, regular housecleaning, and gardening service. We also provide bath towels, sheets, bedding, printer paper, and common household supplies like toilet paper, garbage bags, etc.

Discounted group rates are available for groups up to 19 in size (depending on availability). Please CONTACT US to discuss discount pricing for your group! The larger your group, the larger the discount!
Move-In Costs and Security Deposit

Move-in cost is first month and security deposit equal to 2 months. The security deposit is refunded following your move out. It is very rare that we've had to deduct anything from the security deposit. Most people leave everything in good condition and we trust that you will, too!

What Is Included 

Free Bath Towels, Sheets, and Bedding

We provide all sheets, bedding, pillows, and bath towels for free if you need them! :)

Free Laundry

Casa Cedar provides free-operation laundry machines.

Professional Housecleaning Service

Casa Cedar provides a high-quality, professional housecleaning service. Our awesome housecleaner cleans the kitchen, bathrooms, all common areas, the exterior, back deck, etc. If you want the housecleaner to come more often, this can be arranged, just ask. If desired, the housecleaner can clean the bedrooms as well, just ask.

Common Use Items 

For individuals, Casa Cedar provides all Common Use Items (other than food).
We provide: toilet paper, laundry detergent, cleaning supplies, garbage bags, paper towels, printer paper, printer ink, hand soap, and similar household items.

For groups: we can include these items, just ask us.

Living Together As a Unified Household 

Everyone who lives at Casa Cedar lives as a unified household. Please see the INFO page for more details.

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