10-Gig Fiber Internet - The Fastest Home Internet in the World

The Best Internet You've Ever Used!

- The First House in California with 10-Gig Fiber

- Our Internet is 10 to 50 Times Faster than Any Other House in Berkeley - or anywhere in California!

- 10-Gbs Download and 10-Gbs Upload! Absolutely unheard-of Upload Speeds!

- Every Room Has a Dedicated Wi-Fi Access Points

- CAT-6 Ethernet to Every Room to Ensure Max Speeds

- Blazing Fast Internal Home Network Optimized for 10-Gig

What Can You Do with 10-Gig Internet?

- Transfer massive files in the blink of an eye.

- Video conference with hundreds of participants.

- Run multiple servers.

- Perfect for group projects, collaboration, co-working, startups, engineering, computer science, math, video editing, app design, crypto currency, or any other application!

- Anything YOU Want to Do is Possible at the Speed of Light!

We Provide a Color Laser Printer!

- Your group will be able to print easily with a Color Laser Printer that we provide on-site.

- The printer is connected to the internal home network, and you can print from any mobile phone, laptop, tablet, desktop computer, etc.