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Endorsements from Previous Residents of Casa Cedar

"I really enjoy living at Casa Cedar, especially how clean it is, the large-screen HDTV, and the easy laundry machine access. I like the people here a lot and they're my friends, we hang out, socialize, and study together. Also I appreciate the safety of the neighborhood, I walk home at midnight or 1 a.m. quite often and always feel safe."

— Spring K., UC Berkeley undergraduate student / International

"During my time at Cal I've lived in several student housing buildings as well as an apartment, and Casa Cedar is by far my favorite place I've lived in at Berkeley. I like hanging out with all the different students who live here who are from so many different countries and backgrounds. I also love the ridiculously fast internet. I like how the house is close to campus and many different restaurants and grocery stores like Safeway and Walgreens. I like using the common space for study sessions and since there aren't many distractions here, it's a great place to study. I'm living in the Quad room and even with four people sharing there's plenty of space for all my stuff. Considering the widescreen HDTV, the big kitchen space, the three refrigerators, the awesomely fast internet, and everything else, it's a very good price."

— Ashish P., UC Berkeley undergraduate student

"I lived in Casa Cedar for four years, and I loved everything about the house. The location is incredibly convenient, only a 7 minute bike ride to reach the east side of campus (near the football stadium) or the south side of campus (Sather Gate and Dwinelle) The neighborhood near the house is wonderful, with great restaurants and shops, and I always felt safe, away from all the crime and noise of south side. I also really appreciated the big kitchen, the beautiful backyard deck (perfect for BBQ's in the summer!), the sunlight, and the cozy beauty of the house. The landlord was very attentive and promptly responded to any issues that came up with the house. I was very happy at Casa Cedar, and my time there was my best in Berkeley."

— Nick S., UC Berkeley graduate student

"I dig Casa Cedar's crazy fast internet which I take advantage of quite frequently. The location is convenient, I like using all the common space, and there's plenty of room for all my stuff. It's a great house."

— Brennan J., UC Berkeley undergraduate student

"I was very happy living at Casa Cedar while studying at UC Berkeley. The house is conveniently located between campus and the Gourmet Ghetto (mmm). I would walk to campus in the morning, or bike which was even faster. The house has a great living room and kitchen, and I took advantage of both frequently. I definitely recommend Casa Cedar as a great place to live."

"Casa Cedar is the place to live if you're a student. It's way better than other student housing where I've lived! It's like living in a real home where you feel safe. I love how close it is to the Cal campus and the Gourmet Ghetto. The house is clean and has tons of light. The living room, with its big screen TV, is the perfect place to hang out with friends."

— Mayela R., UC Berkeley undergraduate student 

"Living with a variety of American and International students, it's the best of both worlds, plus it's very close to campus. I also enjoy the big kitchen, all the nearby grocery stores, and the outside deck. Definitely recommendedI'm glad I chose to live at Casa Cedar."

— Camilla, UC Berkeley graduate student  / International

"I'm happy I chose to live at Casa Cedar, especially in comparison to the houses where some of my classmates live. This place really feels like home. I like my housemates here, they're intelligent and interesting. You can tell someone really cares about Casa Cedar because it's well-maintained and everything works well, including the dishwasher, laundry machines, and so on. Also the location is very good, it's near Andronico's, Safeway, and close to campus."

— Vadim A., UC Berkeley graduate student  / International

"I lived at Casa Cedar for two years - the only reason that I left is because I moved out of the country. The house is so close to campus that I could always hop on my bike and be at class in a minute or two, but it also happens to be in the most beautiful part of Berkeley - a complete urban retreat. Gourmet food was just steps away (the Cheese Board, Gregoire, Chez Panisse) and I loved doing work in the nearby cafes on Euclid. The neighborhood is really the best in town since it's near restaurants, stores, campus, and downtown. It also felt extremely safe, and was close to beautiful biking and running routes (the Berkeley Rose Garden and the hills are just steps away). My very favorite part of the house itself was the common space, especially the deck outside. Even the architecture of Casa Cedar encourages a strong community, and I'm still in touch with former housemates."

— Johanna H., UC Berkeley undergraduate student

"I really enjoy living at Casa Cedar. I got to meet a lot of new people and all of the people are very friendly. It's fun to socialize with the different people in the house. My favorite part of the house is the living room because I can study there or just chill when I didn't want to be stuck in the room. The house is always clean and well managed. Pretty much everything is provided and it's like living at home!"

— Gia T., UC Berkeley undergraduate student

"I have been enjoying the many culinary delights that surround Casa Cedar. The house is just a 10-minute walk from the Berkeley campus. This is my first time sharing a room with other people, in fact, I share with 3 other guys, 2 of whom are international students and 1 is an American PhD student. I wanted to share a room during my time at Berkeley as I wanted the ‘real’ American college experience. I get along with all of my roommates. I have housemates from Scotland, England, Mexico, America, Saudi Arabia, China and Taiwan. It has been a great chance to get to know people from all over the world and to better understand their own individual cultures."


— Jack D., UC Berkeley graduate student / International

— Jakob N., UC Berkeley graduate student / International

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