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House Amenities - You Will Love Living Here!​

Huge Living/Dining Room

Features 55" 4K TV, Apple TV, Netflix, Couches, Natural Light, Hardwood Floors, & Dining Table. Great for Studying, Dinner Parties, Movie Nights!

Fully-Equipped Gourmet Kitchen

Includes 3 Refrigerators, NEW Appliances, Reverse Osmosis Filtered Water with Insta-Hot, Gas Stove/Oven, Tons of Cabinet Space, Dishwasher, Marble Countertops, Pots, Pans, Cookware, Cutting Boards, Microwave, Rice Cooker, Tea Kettle, Blender, Silverware, Plates, Mugs, Bowls.

Redwood Deck

Includes Gas Grill for Gatherings & BBQs

Deck 01 - 1960w.jpg

Front View of Casa Cedar

Notice Our UC Berkeley color accents – plus real Cedar Shingles!

Laundry Machines Are Free, No Coins Needed!

& View from the Front Entryway

Berkeley Dorms - Solar Panels at Casa Cedar

Eco-Friendly Smart Home Improvements

We have Solar Panels for sustainable electricity, NEST Smart Thermostats, a Bike Shed, Energy-Efficient Appliances, & more!

Berkeley Off-Campus Housing - bathroom at Casa Cedar
3 Full Bathrooms, All Cleaned Regularly

1 Bathroom Upstairs, 1 Bathroom Downstairs, 1 Bathroom Detached Behind Main House

House Features Summary

  • Gorgeous architecture from the Edwardian period!

  • Lovely and cleaned regularly - Casa Cedar is your new home!

  • Large Living Room/Dining Room for hanging out, eating, studying, dinner parties.

  • Large Screen 55" 4K HDTV for movie nights with Apple TV and Netflix!

  • Blazing Fast Internet @ 10 Gig Download and 10 Gig Upload, Wifi + CAT 6 Ethernet ports in every room!

  • Color Laser Printer for convenient printing.

  • On-site Free Laundry - washer, dryer, & retractable clotheslines

  • We're An Eco-Friendly Smart Home: Solar Panels, NEST Thermostats, Bike Shed, Energy-efficient Appliances

  • Fully Equipped Gourmet Kitchen with 3 gigantic refrigerators, all new appliances, a high-powered dishwasher, gas stove/oven, cookware, and plenty of cabinet space.

  • Reverse Osmosis Filtered Drinking Water -- a high-end system for the purest water possible!

  • Redwood Deck includes lovely Blackwood Acacia tree in the center - great for gatherings, BBQs, hanging out.

  • 3 Full Bathrooms shared by all residents... one bathroom has a convenient divider making it into two half-baths.

  • Plenty of space for bikes. We have a bike shed!

  • Easy Car Parking. Plenty of street parking - only $45 per year for a street parking permit from the City. No street sweeping! You may also rent space in the house driveway.

  • All new systems: electrical, plumbing, new foundation & more

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