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Casa Cedar House Features - You Will Love Living Here!

Click here to watch a VIDEO TOUR of the house!

Dining Room/Living Room

Features a Large-Screen HDTV, Couches, Natural Light, Hardwood Floors, & Dining Table.

Great for Studying, Dinner Parties, Movie Nights!

Berkeley Housing for Students - Living Room at Casa Cedar
UC Berkeley Housing - Kitchen at Casa Cedar
Fully Equipped Gourmet Kitchen

Includes: 3 Refrigerators, Reverse Osmosis Filtered Water, Gas Stove/Oven, Plenty of Cabinet Space, Dishwasher, Marble Countertops, Pots, Pans, Cookware, Cutting Boards, Microwave, Rice Cooker, Blender, Silverware, Plates, Mugs, Bowls, All Basic Kitchen Utensils

Large Screen 4K HDTV, DirectTV, and Netflix Included!

We also provide 10-Gig Fiber Internet and House Printers

Berkeley Rentals - Superfast Internet at Casa Cedar
Cal Housing - Deck at Casa Cedar
Redwood Deck

Includes Gas Grill for Gatherings & BBQs

Berkeley Dorms - Solar Panels at Casa Cedar

Eco-Friendly Smart Home Improvements

We have Solar Panels for sustainable electricity, NEST Smart Thermostats, a Bike Shed, Energy-Efficient Appliances, & more!

Front View of Casa Cedar - notice our UC Berkeley color accents. Plus, real Cedar shingles!
Berkeley Student Housing
Laundry Machines Are FREE!
UC Berkeley Housing - Stairwell at Casa Cedar
Berkeley Off-Campus Housing - bathroom at Casa Cedar
3 Full Bathrooms, All Cleaned Regularly

1 Bathroom Upstairs, 1 Bathroom Downstairs, 1 Bathroom Detached Behind Main House

  • Gorgeous architecture from the Edwardian period!

  • Lovely and cleaned regularly - Casa Cedar is your new home!

  • Large Living Room/Dining Room for hanging out, eating, studying, dinner parties.

  • Large Screen 47 inch Vizio HDTV with Theater 3D & 1080p video for movie nights, includes Netflix!

  • Blazing Fast Internet @ 10 Gig Download and 10 Gig Upload, Wifi + CAT 6 Ethernet ports in every room!

  • Laser Black & White and Color Printers for convenient printing.

  • On-site Free Laundry - washer, dryer, & retractable clotheslines

  • We're An Eco-Friendly Smart Home: Solar Panels, NEST Thermostats, Bike Shed, Energy-efficient Appliances

  • Fully Equipped Gourmet Kitchen with 3 gigantic refrigerators, a high-powered dishwasher, gas stove/oven, cookware, and plenty of cabinet space.

  • Reverse Osmosis Filtered Drinking Water -- a high-end system for the purest water possible!

  • Redwood Deck includes lovely Blackwood Acacia tree in the center - great for gatherings, BBQs, hanging out.

  • 3 Full Bathrooms shared by all residents... one bathroom has a convenient divider making it into two half-baths.

  • Plenty of space for bikes. We have a bike shed!

  • Easy Car Parking. Plenty of street parking - only $45 per year for a street parking permit from the City. No street sweeping! You may also rent space in the house driveway.

  • All new systems: electrical, plumbing, new foundation & more

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